Grassroots Rugby Finance

We all love Rugby. 

And seeing our game struggle with limited funds is demoralizing.

Meanwhile, £17.4 Billion will be spent in 2023 in the UK on Sponsorship and Advertising of teams at the elite end of the sport — all in a bid to get us to buy their brands. 

How much of this money do you think will disappear into Silicon Valley tech bank accounts? And how much will reach the grassroots of the game? Exactly.

We felt, as local players and managers ourselves, that there must be a better way.

We couldn’t find it . . . so we built it!

A Brief Introduction to the Player Profile Platform

We built — a platform for grassroots Rugby players and coaches where you get the financial benefit for your online presence.

No more being farmed for your eyeballs and personal data online; you own it at 

We are finally back at the heart of our game in the digital age with our own Player and Coach profiles that we actually own! 

To keep it simple, we’re starting with features like ‘1-click & share’ team line-ups where you get the value of the impressions for the views online.

It’s simple to share with your socials. This is a game changer not only for financing grassroots rugby but for how a better internet should be. 

Let’s take back ownership of what’s ours and fund our future!

Plus, you can now see who your opposition are before matchday, so it’s game on before the whistle’s gone!! 

Or have you ever wondered who’s the top points scorer, not just in the premiership, but the whole country? I have, and there will be plenty of boots brands that have too… 

Who knows, you may end up signing one of them.

How Player Profile Works is the all-in-1 platform for sports team management, providing rugby coaches and players with the essential digital services they need in one place. 

Our platform is completely free and includes game management, player search, sponsorship, and a social platform all in one. 

Leveraging the power of “Social Media x the number of grassroots Rugby Players,” gets us access to market-beating discounts from brands. 

We’ve designed our platform using the player-first approach. By putting the player at the heart of the experience and making it current, we are creating an ultra-engaged playing network of rugby players. This is better for player’s and easier for managers.

This is how it’ll work:

  1. You create your player profile
  2. You participate in matches
  3. You share the content from matches to your socials 
  4. You get ‘impressions’ from your friends and family
  5. You get rewards from sponsors for those impressions, such as free gym membership, nutrition, boots, etc.

Do you get those WhatsApp messages during and shortly after the game asking what the score is?

We created a LIVE Match report so your friends and family can keep track in real time. 

All driving up your impression numbers and sponsorship value. Getting nominated as Player Of The Match now has extra rewards!

You can also sign up as a coach. Here is how it’ll work for you:

  1. You create your coach profile and join your club
  2. 1-click invite your players on the platform with WhatsApp, email etc
  3. Create your fixtures.
  4. Select your team, now with enriched player data.
  5. Sit back and watch your notifications ping with player invite accepts! They will rush to get their profiles updated for more sponsorship impressions.

86% of Rugby coaches said they were frustrated at response times and engagement from players on their availability in management apps. We’re here to change all of that for you.

Our platform is designed to save coaches time and effort, as well as boost player membership and fill match day gaps. We also help clubs with their finances by offering sponsorship opportunities. 

Don’t Sleep on This Opportunity…

This is a one-of-a-kind platform that actually cares about Grassroots Rugby and wants to see it flourish.

Our heart aches to see the bad condition of local rugby clubs and how they’re suffering from the lack of funds. We have to turn this around before some of those clubs close for good. We have to!

So now we all understand.

Funds are there, and now so is to get them to us.  

We need to show brands and sponsors that we have a strong community game so that they can invest directly here with us and create a new prosperous future together.

To further show our commitment to the game, we want this to be jointly owned by rugby clubs. 

And as a thank you for helping us develop this through the initial stages, we’re giving the first 10,000 players one share per player to go to their club. 

So if you’re a small local club with 50 senior players (and like us, you struggled to get a full 18 squad out each week!?), you’ll get 50 shares for your club to own. Imagine having these shares in Facebook when it launched.. even better, imagine a Facebook devoted to serving the local communities that it operates in.

As a player, you’ll start getting great sponsorship opportunities with brands. Our ambition is to get you more in discounts than you spend on annual club membership and match fees. We do this for you, for free, not because we’re crazy, but because we are just like you too. We’re asking for you help to make this happen.

Also, the first two clubs per league to sign up will get their LIVE Match report sponsored by us, £400, to you.

Let’s make this happen. Please


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